We have set to road in Ihlara Valley, Salt Lake, Ancient Lycian Way, in our country that is one of the most beautiful geographies of the world, to taste the joy of getting tired in the bossom of nature together with all sports fans.

When we rolled our sleeves under the roof of Argos Culture and Arts to organize Lycian Way Ultra Marathon, the first ever ultra marathon in our country, we couldn't have imagined that the long lap of 90 km of this marathon would become legendary in just one year. When the Runfire Cappadocia Ultra Marathon, which we started right after, achieved the same success in its first year, we established UZUNETAP to bring projects of global value to outdoor sports. While we continue to expand the horizons of ultra marathon and ultra trail sports, which were not even heard of in our country when we set to road, and to organize events that are shown among the world's most successful adventure races, we also serve outdoor sports and athletes with different sports projects such as Longest Night / Run or Ride, Moonlight Cappadocia.