Argos Yapı

Since 1997, we have been developing quality-oriented exemplary projects in particular geographies in terms of natural and historical qualities, making discoveries that will contribute to the transformation of the area and implement our projects to the smallest detail. We aim to make rural, urban, historical and natural potentials visible and livable in the areas we project. We give priority to the spatial quality of our practises, the ability to adapt to modern living conditions and to carry sustainable qualities. Our work in Cappadocia, which constitutes an important part of what we have done in line with this approach, has been deemed worthy of dozens of national and international awards. The 'argos in Cappadocia' hotel, which is our most comprehensive project and which has been brought to life with the restoration works we have been carrying out for about a quarter century in Uçhisar Village, has reinforced its international brand since 2010 when it was put into service.

We continue this authentic preservation and development experience that we gained in Cappadocia in our new projects in ancient and unique geographies such as Aegean coast and Mesopotamia.