Argos Kültür Sanat

We rolled up our sleeves to carry and support the culture and art of our country, a cradle of civilizations, to a level where it can be seen by the whole world and in a short time after setting out with Argos Culture and Arts which was established in 2008 to create works in publishing, to develop projects / organize events in socio-cultural field, we signed under very important works.

Among these works are some important events such as the gala night events of the 'Turkish Spring' in Trocadero, Paris France; the special exhibitions and concerts in Bezirhane; İsmet Sıral Creative Music Studio project which was carried out within the context of European Capital of Culture as well as production of numerous magazines and books.

Argos Culture and Art team, which has also implemented macro projects such as 'Uçhisar Women's Culture and Education House' with Şahenk Initiative and Uçhisar Municipality in Cappadocia within the scope of social responsibility, continues to create and organize concerts, exhibitions, publications, events and art activities in various branches.