Argos Group of Companies

Argos Communications was found in 1995, taking over from Kibele which was found to offer services in health communications in 1992 and grew in a short span of time to specialize in corporate communication, design, brand management and communications consultancy as well as health communications. Argos Tourism Inc. joined Argos Group of Companies in 1998 to provide services in project development, investment, restoration and luxury-boutique categories. Argos Architecture & Design focused on rendering much needed quality services in Turkey in reconstruction field since 2003. Within the extent of our investments in Cappadocia, Argos Vineyards joined the group in 2003 with the scope of agricultural and especially quality viticulture/viniculture activities. Starting from 2008, Argos Culture and Arts gave a new impulse to publishing, project development and event organization practices. Uzunetap works to introduce and popularize outdoor sports in Turkey aiming to create projects/organizations in global scale. The latest offspring of the group, Efenbi İstanbul set off with Gile Restaurant to work on exceptionally rich cuisine culture of Anatolia and put a global signature to the world of gastronomy with new cooking and presentation techniques as well as high quality service.